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Stories from Our Women

Our Success Stories Continue!

This is the story of a 38 year old woman who suffered violence at the hands of her drug addicted husband for 14 years. He would beat her in front of their children and even bring other women home to their bed. Until she decided that she had enough. She lifted her voice and denounced him. 

When she arrived at One Life to Love in Baja Shelter, the sadness she carried was palatable.  Her two older children had elected to stay with their father.  She only had her four year old son with her. While she was here she had therapy sessions to help her unravel the trauma of the last 14 years of her life and to learn much needed coping skills. She learned to manage her finances, make her own decisions as well as sewing and crocheting.  Most importantly, she  began to heal.  The biggest change came after she attended our Inner Healing workshop. Her entire countenance changed. She found her identity, her confidence and her smile.  
She is now in the process of filing for divorce. Her older children have come to be with her and, as a family, they can begin to hope for the future.  She is most thankful for the divine love that God has shown her by rescuing her and her children from their past.  



Epifania was a former resident who came to The Shelter with her five children. While at the shelter she discovered her self-worth and independence and what it means to be a good mother to her children. She is currently working as a 'house mother' for the shelter and is currently continuing her education.

Listen to Epi's story of resilience here...


The reality for Lorena is that her time at the shelter is motivated by her desire to be reunited with her daughter. After being raped by her step-father at the age of thirteen and suffering a miscarriage, Lorena’s daughter was removed from their home by the government services for her own safety. They then instructed Lorena to find a safe place to stay with her other two children until she could provide a safe environment for all of her children. Lorena came to the shelter two months ago and has been working diligently with the government, taking classes and meeting regularly with their psychologist so that she can be there for her daughter as she recovers when they are reunited. Lorena hopes to rebuild the relationship with her daughter, and be a better mom in the future to all of her children.


Many of the women at our shelter come to us with no real job, sense of purpose or identity. For most, their only real role is as a Mother. During a women’s time at our shelter we try and look at the transformation and changes that happen to the women while they are with us. For Teresa her relationship with her children when she first arrived at the shelter was violent, and toxic. She had been abused so badly in her own personal life that she began taking her anger and frustration out on her two children. Hurting them, physically and verbally to the point where she didn’t want to be a mother anymore. After almost ten months of being at the shelter, Teresa has found patience, understanding and kindness in her role as a mother. She has grown incredibly in her time here. Once Teresa found safety and security and the opportunity to live in a loving and compassionate environment she has blossomed into a loving, caring, considerate and understanding mother. Love can transform you. Teresa never received love in her life, and so she didn’t know how to show love to others, including her own children. This change in Teresa directly impacted the attitude and behaviour of her children. They have both started learning English, reading and cooking. They have a new respect for their mother and are now becoming respectful, kind young boys. At the shelter we aim to show women that they are worthy. They are loved by God and are deserving of love by others. Teresa is an example of what the shelter is here to offer. A safe place where women are reminded of their value. Love is a powerful thing and Teresa is an example of how when we show love to someone, the impact it can have on their life forever.

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